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There are many reasons to choose Hidden Italy walking tours, here are some of the things that make us different..

We are just back from a terrific five weeks in Europe and I thought I should give you some feedback on Hidden Italy. As you know, we have walked with probably a dozen walking companies and we would rate Hidden Italy up there with the best.

– Graham L, Alba and La Langhe 2017

Reason 1

Hidden Italy has been organising and taking tours to Italy for twenty-five years.  We are proudly family owned, managed and operated.  Every aspect of the tours is personally selected, monitored and reviewed.  We don't outsource or use third party services! 

Reason 2

Hidden Italy specialises in walking tours in Italy.  We don't try to be all things to all people but stick with what we know best - Italy.  After thirty years exploring this wonderful country and twenty years organising walking tours, we feel we've barely touched the surface and are looking forward to what's to come.  As Giuseppe Verdi said, "You may have the universe, if I may have Italy".

Reason 3

Hidden Italy guided tours visit places that are off the beaten track, and visits them in times of the year that are ideal for walking: the guided tours to southern Italy go in spring (May) when the wild flowers are out and everything is green after the winter rains;  while the tours to northern Italy go in autumn (September) when the temperatures have cooled, the tourists have left and the first autumn colours have started to appear.

Reason 4

The pace of the guided tours is relaxed (it is a holiday after all!) and gives you plenty of time to unpack and soak up the atmosphere of the places we visit. We alternate walking days with exploring days (eg islanding hopping; visiting vineyards and talking with local chefs; guided visits to archeological treasures etc) and leave you plenty of time each day to do some exploring of your own.

Reason 5

We go to places that are well off the regular tourist trails and focus on a single region which has its own integral history and cultural traditions.  Moving at an easy pace means that you have the chance to really get to know and understand the places we visit.

Reason 6

Our guided tours travel in small groups (from seven to a maximum of fifteen guests), which means that we move discretely; the service is personalised and flexible; and there is the opportunity to get to know your travelling companions.

Reason 7

Our self-guided tours are continuous walks taking you from A to B along ancient paths that lead you through some of the most spectacular countryside in Europe.  There are no shuttles or buses!  Just pull on your boots each morning and set out - we'll look after the rest.

Reason 8

Our self-guided walks are safe: there is always a farmhouse in sight (we don't take you through national parks or wilderness!).  You will have access to the exclusive Hidden Italy walking App, which is downloadable; operates off-line; has an alert function if you stray off the track; as well as an emergency function.  The walking package includes 1:25,000 scale daily maps. These are accompanied by detailed daily walking notes that are updated regularly.  You also have 24 hour telephone back-up via our local operation managers.  The self-guided itineraries are rewalked and the notes updated each year.

Reason 9

Our self-guided walks use the best available accommodation, a guarantee (no hostels or dodgy b&bs out the back).  All the accommodation is carefully selected and regularly monitored by Hidden Italy.  It is centrally located, all have en suite bathrooms and are locally owned and operated.

Reason 10

As the walks are often in out-of-the-way places, we include private transfers at the beginning and end of each itinerary to the nearest major train station.  Each tour is supported by the local support drivers who move your bags each day and who are also available should you wish to shorten or miss a walk.

We intend to go back to Italy again next year, in May as we did this year…. We intend to go with Hidden Italy again as we found it the best of the companies we have gone with.

– Patrick C, Umbria 2017

By the way, Jeremy said to tell you that your Italian Lakes Tour and your Dolomites Tour were the most memorable walks which he has done! Thought you would be interested to hear this from a client who has covered a few walking miles through UK, France and Italy over the last 20 plus years.

– Carmel F, Sardinia guided tour, 2016

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