1. The Moorish delicacies of Palermo

    15 Jan 2017 0 comments

    Beneath the uninviting surface, Palermo conceals an extraordinarily rich living heritage: Roman, Norman, Spanish and Arabic, best captured in its fabulous street food.

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  2. Pilate's Lake - a hike in the haunted Sibillini Mountains

    16 Nov 2016 2 comments

    I couldn’t find a trace of the gallows but the ghosts of the dead hung heavily over Lago di Pilato (Pilate’s lake) a small glacial lake in remote mountains of central Italy.

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  3. A culinary treasure in the marble mountains of Tuscany

    15 Aug 2016 0 comments

    Lardo, the poorest cut of pork has made Colonnata, an isolated village in the marble mountains overlooking the coast of northern Tuscany, both rich and famous.

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  4. Trails to Freedom: crossing the Alps

    22 Aug 2013 157 comments

    On Sunday I start a six-day walk into Switzerland from Italy following a medieval trail used by 4 Aussie POWs to escape the Nazis in 1943 - click to find out more.

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